W7YAM-12 Internet Outage (Resolved)

The computer running W7YAM-12 lost its ability to connect to the internet. RMS Relay is now storing the data for local pickup, or will pass stored messages to the internet once the issue is resolved.

W7YAM-12 is back in full operation (08/12/2023)

Problem Resolution:
Router at site needed resetting. Performed a hard reboot on the router. No logs showing when last reboot of router was performed. Will perform some router diagnostics at a later date.

Details & Comments:
Discovered that existing connections to the router worked, but new connections would fail. After the reboot on the earlier Patch Tuesday Windows Update it couldn't connect. Discovered when my maintence laptop I use to remote into the gateway's computer, the laptop couldn't get a network access when I plugged in an ethernet cable into the router. Using a crossover Ethernet cable connected directly to the gateway computer, I could remote into it. All worked well after powering down and unplugging the router and waiting 15 seconds before powering up.

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