W7YAM-10 VHF & W7YAM-11 temporarily Down Due to Issue with RMS Packet Update

This morning I found the 5 RMS Packet gateways I SYSOP for were all down. All five received auto-updates of RMS Packet Version: These are located at three different locations,

For W7YAM-10 UHF (441.050), W7OWO-10 VHF (144.080), and W7OWO-10 (441.000) are now operational, as the issue was due to an error due to a error in the auto-startup script not handling an update properly. A simple reboot solved the immediate issue and these three are now operational. I will work on fixing the script as time permits.

On both W7YAM-10 VHF @ 144.970, Packet is failing to start. I see error logs being sent to Microsoft. At this time, Winlink Sessions for PACKET and VARA FM are not operational. Currently VARA FM operating and is still handling digipeating, so the W7YAM-6 digipeater is available to access the W7FLO-9 RMS Packet station outside of Florence, OR via the W7FLO-1 digipeater.

W7YAM-11 VHF @144.920 is experiencing the same issues. It is Packet Only, with no operational digipeater at this time.

For both I have found renaming the old RMS directory and installing in a new directory allows me to get RMS Packet running. It will probably be later today or early tomorrow before I have the time to configure the new installs for both.

Brian - W7OWO

Winlink Linkomatic