W6IDS Gateway Is UP Once Again

The reported shutdown was due to two quickly spaced AC Mains interruption. No surge protector in place for the power outlet strip for the microHAM interface and my PacComm PTC II modem. They both took the hit with the microHAM leaving the scene and the PTC II modem now at Farallon being evaluated for repair. I have an SCS PTC-IIe modem that I put into service.

As for the interface, I had three Easy Digi interfaces stored in a cabinet. I took one out and connected it up to the system and I have to say that for a $34.00 price tag that little interface is providing yoeman service. Absolutely ZERO problems with it. Glad I had it to use at a moment's notice.

All appears normal with the operation so this episode is now over. The gateway is working. Now about surge protectors. . . .. . .lesson hammered home again.

Howard W6IDS

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