W0LED-10 Now On 145.0300 MHz 1200 bps Packet

Yesterday I finally:
1) got RMS Packet to auto-start on Win 10. It worked a week ago, then quit.
2) fixed whatever I had screwed up in my firewall settings (basically reset it back to defaults).
3) re-connected antenna to radio -- significant improvement in station performance -- har! har!

Next steps:
1) configure UPS & software for worry-free self-shutdown and restart.
2) improve grounding/lightning arrester situation.
3) clean up the current sloppy physical setup so I can point at it and say, with great pride, "That's my Winlink Gateway!"

Future plans:
1) add solar-charged battery back up power for grid independence.
2) add 9600 bps capability.
3) add UHF capability.
4) add Winmor HF capability.

Clay W0LED

Winlink Linkomatic