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W0LED-10 Confessions of a Dick-weed Antenna Worker

Hello all!

My antenna move is complete and will remain as-is for the foreseeable future. The antenna has been raised approximately ten (eleven-and-a-half) feet by adding one ten-foot section of rigid steel mast tubing. Man, that almost makes it sound easy.

Notice to other lone-wolf antenna workers out there: GET SOME ADDITIONAL HELP!

W0LED-10 Antenna move soon -- Part Deux

Well, until someone is willing to give me tower access with power and internet, my antenna is as high as I can safely place it. I raised it twelve feet approximately. As a loner and a jerk I did it all myself. That was pretty stupid but there was some neat field engineering involved.

I need to improve the guying before winter sets in but it works for now.

Aside from the guying I am done with that antenna project (I hope!)



W0LED-10 will be making a temporary change to 145.6700 MHz.

This change will last about two months and is for the purposes of training and operating practice in a more digipeater-rich environment. W0LED-10 will return to 145.0300 MHz on or about 1-1-2018. There may be a few short-term moves back to 145.0300 MHz for EMCOMM operations testing. I will announce the moves via the blog.


Clay W0LED


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