W0LED-10 Hardware Lineup as of 5/27/17

Looking back at my blog entries it appears I never did give a hardware lineup for the Winlink Gateway. So, here it goes:

Transceiver: Yaesu FT-1500M (rugged, compact, 55 watt output, standard mini-DIN 6-pin Data port, running with squelch wide open, i.e., no squelch)

Power Supply: Powerwerx SS-30DV (30 amps surge, 25 amps continuous, switcher, compact, two Powerpole connectors front, binding posts rear)

TNC: Kantronics KPC-3+ (firmware V 9.1, RAM upgrade -- 512 kB, 9 volt internal battery -- fresh, new coin cell battery, runs Example script with only mjnor changes)

UPS: APC Back-UPS 850 (six outlets -- surge and backup power, three outlets -- surge only, two USB charging ports, presently two loads only -- Laptop Computer and SS-30DV, still have to load and configure auto-shutdown/management software)

Additional Backup Power Components: Flint Hills Radio Low-Loss PWRgate (automatic power supply/battery switch-over + battery charger), Werker WKA12-14F2 14AH AGM backup battery

Computer: Compaq Presario C700 laptop, Windows 10 (this is an older but reliable laptop configured as my principal communications software platform -- I will probably replace it with something else -- possibly an Intel NUC with Windows 10, 8 MB RAM, 220+ GB solid state drive)

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