Thanks to KC4TVO, N5TW, and VE1YZ

MPS traffic via the amateur bands is moving again towards Europe from our region.
While not 24 hours yet, it at least moves within 12 hours, band dependent, as opposed to just stalling.

Our three gateways have a path to you both, for passing onto auto-forwarding station VE1YZ.
VE1YZ is a key link right now for Trans Atlantic MPS to Europe.

In a week of testing over 15 MPS messages and many /pings/ have made it to Europe and back.

My thanks to both of you for taking the time to start a manual forward, thus securing the route.
Granted this only works if you are available to do so, but does show that MPS can have world wide value, via amateur radio.

I hope our 4th station, going on line soon, will have a better RF footprint with the antenna being proposed, to contribute to the HyBrid program.

Time, work, and family, prevent all USA MPS stations from being as attentive, and this is understood. In lieu of auto forwarding, it is the best that can be done.

Again, thanks !

Mike xe2/n6kzb

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