Right in the middle of a Oregon-wide SET yesterday, a tree fell in the woods. I don't know if Helen Keller was there or if she heard it or if the man that heart was still wrong, but I do know that it took down the 12000+volt feed to my QTH transformer cutting my power. I was at the County EOC and in the middle of a PACTOR connection to the KF7RSF Gateway and the connection dropped mid-transfer. Shucks!

Bad news is that the APC Back-UPS 1500 quit immediately and will not return to online. Acts as if the latching relay energized by return of AC is not latching. UPS will not start up and return to service.

If any of my regulars would like to chip in some bucks for a replacement it would be greatly appreciated. I scrape by and keep the gateway running as a service to the Ham and local communities.

PayPal to [email protected]

I'll publicly acknowledge your generosity here unless you request otherwise.

Thomas Noel
Bandon OR

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