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Maintenance at KF7RSF

I suppose I should say TO KF7RSF.

Down for several days for maintenance.


KF7RSF is REALLY going down this time!

Got it back up and eeked out a couple months of runtime thanks to very friendly new owners of the property.

Packing up the station and moving to a new location with severe challenges for antennas, so no idea if KF7RSF will return as a Gateway. All those who have listed this Gateway as a MPS need to delete and re-register a new choice for the future.

It has been fun, and hope to be back.

Thomas Noel

Ka-Boom! KF7RSF is down

After several weeks of problems and MANY restarts and searching for answers, the computer running KF7RSF has gone to its' Maker.

I am due to move in the near future, so not sure if Gateway will be back up before move.

I am still watching all of you, and snarky answers and comments will continue on the email reflectors.!!



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