Support wideband digimode on 30m for IARU R1 bandplan

Today, the bandplan for IARU R1 restricts digimodes to a bandwidth < 500 Hz. This limitation is not justified, as spectrum occupancy is the same whether you transmit a certain message slowly (using small bandwidth) in - say - 10 min or pretty fast (using larger bandwidth) in just 2 min. USKA - the Swiss amateur radio union - has proposed to change the IARU R1 bandplan in order to allow wideband (<2700 Hz) digimodes for 30 m. If the proposal ( is accepted, the 30 m bandplan for R1 and R2 will become fully harmonized.
For WINLINK gateways, it is important to offer efficient wideband operation on 30 m. Therefore, all WINLINK users and sysops in Region 1 are invited to urge their respective national organizations to support this proposal at the next interim meeting in Vienna (april 27-28, 2019).
Martin, HB9AUR
Sysop HB9AK

Winlink Linkomatic