Small Progress

I got an APC UPS set up between the AC provider and the Winlink station. Still need to get the shutdown/restart software going.

I still MUST get my haywire setup straightened out: I keep tripping over wires (especially after a couple sips of Woodford Reserve!)

I have an Alpha Delta lightning arrester ready to install. I just wish it would stop raining!

I'm presently using a TNC-X but the KISS setup confounds me. I could switch to a KPC3+ but that seems like overkill.

Nancy Sinatra is singing "Boots Are Made For Walking" on satellite radio. No relevance there. I just remember seeing her on the Ed Sullivan Show as a drooling teen male. Well, that was a couple years ago....

I currently have a doubly-redundant power setup right now: AC service --> APC UPS --> Powerwerx SS-30DV switcher --> Flint Hills Low Loss PWRgate --> 2-meter transceiver & 7 A-Hr SLA battery. The 7 A-Hr SLA provides ultimate backup. I'll probably replace it with a 14 A-Hr AGM deep cycle battery WIGATI (when I get around to it). More important matters are pressing.

Smokey Robinson, Johnny Rivers, Linda Ronstadt: The Tracks of My Tears -- JR singing right now on satrad. But Linda Ronstadt did the quintessential version. (LR live in a Cub Scout uniform -- excuse me -- I'm having a senior teen age moment -- does anyone have a kleenex so I can wipe a little drool off my chin?)

Well, good evening folks!

Clay B W0LED

Winlink Linkomatic