San Diego CA Baja CA MX cross border communications drill

County of San Diego Operational Area and Tijuana/Baja California Cross Border Communication Drill
September 17, 2019


To accurately communicate situational reports between locally-stationed governments agencies on both sides of the international United States/Mexico border following disasters under compromised communication environments.
Station CREBC in Tijuana (XE2BNC) had communication links with San Diego EOC.

VHF and UHF voice channels and the Winlink network was used.
The Baja CA MX State authorities were at the club station and participated in message generation.
CREBC (XE2BNC) club station in Tijuana, is the area amateur radio EOC and part of local/state civil preparedness plans.

At CREBC the station has solar/battery power backup. Winlink was accessed with Vara FM to XE2BNC-8 and 20 meter Vara HF to N5TW in Texas.

Demonstration and explanation of CREBC portable Winlink kits, both VHF and HF were also accomplished.

ICS-213 went via HF, Sit Rep went via Vara FM.

Full event photo album:

xe2/n6kzb for CREBC

Winlink Linkomatic