New VHF gateway using Easy Digi.

I have been trying for 5 weeks to get a vie GATEWAY operational with very little success. There was always something going wrong. I think I found most every way to fail there is. I watched videos, read articles, posted on sites, and asked locally with no luck. No one had the same set-up that I was using. Finally a non resident Elmer lead me down the right path. My real problem was using RMS Trimode. For VHF Trimode doesn't work, it creates a lot of internal problems. Once I erases Trimode and reconfigured Relay, everything else just worked the way it is supposed to. There may be instructions somewhere on which programs to use, but I didn't find them. Oh well. This is my setup.
Yaeso Ft 3100, old Vista laptop, and Easy Digi interface with connecting cables. I'm now running Sound Modem, RMS Relay, and RMS Packet. I used the Easy Digi because the reviews were good and it was 1/2 the price of a signaling.
Using the Easy Digi required a few different settings in Relay.
It all seems to work well now.
KM4TDC-10 on 145.570 in Highland County, VIRGINIA, FH08FJ.

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