More ITU Gateways coming - Caribbean Islands

6 Caribbean islands and 1 south American country to be established like the current ITU Central American network.
The locations and time frame to be announced later.

The equipment has been purchased and awaiting customs clearance.
Funds provided by ITU and the primary project coordinator is:

ITU Representative
Telecommunications Development Bureau
International Telecommunication Union

The installation will be coordinated again by Mexico's FRME with local assistance and I will handle the final configurations.

Similar packages as previous ITU gateways.
Dell Win 10 computer
Icom 7300
PowerWerx supply.
SCS DR 7400 modem.
Kantronics TNC
Alinco VHF Radio
Chameleon Emcomm II antenna.
VHF antenna
Coax, common mode filters, cables and connectors.

Winlink continues its goal to improve Emcomm communications.


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