Migrate over from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups!

I see my counterpart Tom, N5TW has announced he is ready for migration to Google on the Winlink Program Group. So we will do so on wl2kemcomm.

Soon this Yahoo forum and all the sponsored Winlink Team forums will move to Google Groups.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but the change is needed due to Yahoos many recent user data base breaches.

In addition:
Posts sometimes take hours to show up.
Topic searches are difficult to do.
Yahoo lacks the features of Google groups.
Logons are sometimes delayed.

Your WDT takes this move with the knowledge that it will be a challenge for some and that with change comes anxiety. But it is needed and we will all have to learn the new forums features and applications.

Google groups has lots of help tutorials on how to join. Here is a good link on information on joining:


I encourage everyone to join the "Winlink_For_Emcomm" Google group and "Winlink Programs Group" as soon as you can. At some point in the future we will be shutting down this Yahoo group.

Let just bite the bullet and get through this, as I am to old for all this hoopla anymore.

Merry Christmas!

Winlink Linkomatic