KF7RSF Practicing for summer exercise without internet

OK! Now for something entirely different.

I have my Gateway KF7RSF running without an internet connection. Connect in with Winmor, Pactor, Packet, or Telnet and RMS Relay is set to accept and hold traffic, then RMS Trimode is caused to pause, make a connection to one of a short list of very dependable PACTOR Gateway connections for me, and my Gateway "borrows" the internet at the other Gateway to connect to a CMS and exchange traffic. The incoming traffic is downloaded and stored locally until the local user checks in to get it. Only Packet and Telnet users automatically become "local users" The system assumes that if you can connect with Pactor or Winmor to me, you can also use another Gateway running with a normal internet.

If you connect you will get a message stating KF7RSF is running as a node in a radio network, and asking if you want to proceed. You will be able to SEND traffic, but not receive. You will need to connect to another Gateway to pick up your messages.

This is an active test of the setup and configuration needed to run a portable Gateway in the field with no internet, such as providing communications at a disaster site. All the local users at the site will be able to connect by Packet or Telnet over WiFi LAN. This allows many users running Winlink Express to send and receive local traffic via my LAN, and to send and receive DX email via HF forwarding.

I apologize for any inconvenience, but this is a training opportunity for an upcoming SET.

Muchas Gracias to my esteemed Mentor XE2/N6KZB

Thomas Noel

Winlink Linkomatic