KD7UHR RMS Packet Gateway offline

Due to a wiring/design error in my backup battery charging circuit, the smoke came out of my Kenwood TM-V71A radio during a backup power test. Consequently, my RMS Packet Gateway will be down until the radio can be repaired or replaced. Appropriately enough, the part labeled "D612 Surge Absorber" in the TM-V71A schematics sacrificed itself in the melee. I ordered the part and assuming it was the only component damaged in the incident, I should have the radio repaired by next weekend. If not, the replacement radio will be put into service and I will continue to troubleshoot the damaged one.

Root cause of my surge seems to have been a momentary battle between my two DC switching power supplies when the automatic charging relay became the pathway between them after I inadvertently disconnected the batteries from the solar charging circuit. I haven't figured out an alternate wiring scheme to prevent this situation from happening again, so for now, I will keep my gateways separated from my backup power system until I do.


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