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KD7UHR RMS Gateways back on the air!

I am happy to report that my HF and VHF RMS Gateways are now operational and back on the air. If you are in range and need to send traffic or just test your system, please feel free to connect. If you have questions or any constructive feedback to help me improve my system's performance, let me know!

Let's hope the Internet is always working for you - but if it isn't, we SYSOPS are here to help!


KD7UHR HF RMS Gateway offline

Due to unscheduled system maintenance, my HF modes gateway and my VHF Packet gateway will be offline for at least a week. I hope to get them both back online by 21 July.

KD7UHR RMS Packet Gateway offline

Due to a wiring/design error in my backup battery charging circuit, the smoke came out of my Kenwood TM-V71A radio during a backup power test. Consequently, my RMS Packet Gateway will be down until the radio can be repaired or replaced. Appropriately enough, the part labeled "D612 Surge Absorber" in the TM-V71A schematics sacrificed itself in the melee. I ordered the part and assuming it was the only component damaged in the incident, I should have the radio repaired by next weekend.


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