Introduction and Profile

Manufactured in the early 50's in a slow process totally lacking in quality control. Released to the public in 1952. Dorky geekiness was recognized at an early age when it was noted that I had read all the books in the first grade library before starting school (Mom was a schoolteacher)

Built a 20KV generator with no moving parts other than dripping water in Jr High. Many burnt fingers were a foretaste of greatness to come. Owned every Science set Gilbert ever made!

First interest in radios was listening to the Ridgerunners and Hollerers on CB with my older brother in the hills of West by God Virginia. Won't say we were illegal, but the lights would dim, and the TV picture would drop to the size of a postage stamp when the linear kicked in.

Went off to Georgia Tech with every intention of becoming an honest working man. Jimma Cotter and the first Arab Oil Embargo put a damper on my plans, and I fell in with a bad crowd and ended up practicing Medicine for 30 years. Saved more than I killed. Nuf said.

Jumped into Ham radio with both feet in 2011. Tech and General at one exam session, and Extra 6 months later. First Elmer was Vern Wright of Superantennas. He sold me my first two radios and got me off to a wonderful start. Moved away from his neighborhood all too soon.

Retired and moved to Oregon just a couple months after first license, and now active in ARES/RACES and other forms of EMCOMM.

Almost new Yaesu FT-920 at home with 135' OCF dipole. Icom IC-7000 and Hi-Q Scorpion screwdriver for mobile and portable operation.

Began operation of PACTOR, WINMOR and PACKET RMS Gateway KF7RSF mostly to learn how the system works. Found it handy for inclusion in bag-0-tricks for local ARES group, and continue to run (and learn) additional uses for local emergencies. The Gateway runs on the FT-920and OCF dipole at 40', and is supported by solar panel, storage battery bank, and diesel generator. I try to operate 24/7/365 with interruptions for occasional use as local-only hub for ARES exercises.



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