HF Gateway "XE2HS" being constructed for La Paz BCS MX

FMRE (Mexico's ARRL), along with the Baja CA MX radio club XE2BNC (CREBC), has provided the funding and equipment for the new system.
Being built now and installation planned within 45 days. This system will further improve Mexico's EMCOMM communications posture.

- Icom 7200
- MFJ Autotuner
- SCS Dragon modem
- Samlex 30 amp smart charger
- Dell mini computer
- DC to AC inverter
- 110 H battery (as budget allows add a second battery)
- 2 150 watt Solar Panels with controller
- Low voltage cutoff
- Chameleon Emcomm II antenna and 100 Ft RG-213 coax
- Common mode in-line filter and needed jumper.

This will be Mexico's 4th HF gateway and supports FMRE direction, that Winlink is the primary EMCOMM communications means.
Thanks to the amateurs of La Paz BCS MX for finding and providing a secure location near the Gulf of California.
And thanks to XE2SI, XE2O, and XE2HS

>>> UPDATE <<<

Team from Tijuana flying with complete station Nov 11 th from Tijuana MX to La Pax MX.


Pre-site work done by locals on the solar panels.
This new FMRE sponsored HF Gateway XE2HS, should be in operation Nov 12th.

Photos here: https://mikeburton.smugmug.com/XE2HS-La-Paz-BCS-MX-gateway/

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