HB9AK-1: VARA FM on 29'220 kHz

In addtition to the existing 10 m access on 28'311 kHz (dial) that offers PACTOR, VARA, ARDOP, WINMOR and Robust Packet, gateway HB9AK-1 now also offers access in the FM part of the 10 m band. Comparing the transmission of a 115 kB test message across a distance of 42 km from HB9AK-1 gave the following results (VARA FM / VARA):
Transmission time: 1'37'' / 3'43''
Throughput: 71'000 / 30'900 Bytes/min
VARA FM performed more than twice as well as VARA for HF/SSB.
As HB9AK-1 also has a 2 m port offering VARA FM, interesting propagation and performance comparisons between 10 m and 2 m can be made as well.

Martin HB9AUR, Sysop HB9AK/-1/-14

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