Dc power and ground at Gateway XE2EOS

Here are a few photos showing the large commercial battery system and UPS for XE2EOS.
Also the ground and protection. Site is remote at 8000 foot mountain near Guatemalan border.
Thunderstorms abound in this area, site is between both coasts. Power going out is often, but returns
in a few hours. Battery system should last several days. Internet is occasionally a problem due to
the long haul Ubiquiti link to obtain it. Thanks to auto forwarding, traffic still moves to other Gateways
via their connection to a CMS.

Thanks to site Tech XE2C J J for the installation.
Thanks to State of Chaipas and XE2EOS for donation of the gateway and support.

AC Panel and protection system start.
1000 Amp hours of DC and UPS for AC. XE2C J J working on system
Grounding and protection for XE2EOS
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