2m WINLINK gateway HB9AK-1 adds VARA FM

The 2m 'multispeed' gateway HB9AK-1, that is offering packet radio access to the WINLINK network with different modulations and speeds (AFSK 1200 Bd, BPSK 1200 Bd, BPSK 2400 Bd, QPSK 2400 bps, QPSK 3600 bps) has now added VARA FM (both 1200 and 9600) as additional modes of operation. The gateway listens in all modes for connect requests and answers in the respective mode. VARA FM (9600) reaches a throughput of up to 80 kBytes/min, a more than ten fold increase compared to conventional packet AFSK1200.
For connecting HB9AK-1 in VARA FM, use direct de-/modulator access in your FM rig for both modes (1200/9600).

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