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Rough month, but KF7RSF back in service

Rough month for KF7RSF Gateway. My main shack computer gave up the ghost, and I had to scrounge a replacement. Got up and running but noticed soon afterward that the WiFi connection was dropping out frequently. That led to the discovery that my wireless system was failing. My shack is in a building too far from my house to be covered by WiFi direct, and too much concrete to run buried LAN cable, si I use an extended bridged system to get signal out to the other building. That inside router was failing and had to be replaced.

Winlink Yahoo Groups closing

All the Yahoo Groups supported by the WDT are closing, and consolidating as TWO groups at Google Groups. The new groups are :
Winlink Programs Group, and

Please check-in with your Google ID and search for the groups. JOIN!



Right in the middle of a Oregon-wide SET yesterday, a tree fell in the woods. I don't know if Helen Keller was there or if she heard it or if the man that heart was still wrong, but I do know that it took down the 12000+volt feed to my QTH transformer cutting my power. I was at the County EOC and in the middle of a PACTOR connection to the KF7RSF Gateway and the connection dropped mid-transfer. Shucks!


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