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WB5RMG-1st comment (timestamps)

Personally, I would find it helpful for the items on the home page 'news' to have a timestamp,
even like the "Submitted by ____ at _______________" that displays with these blog posts.
Thanks /;^)

WB5RMG - look at the new website !

I guess I haven't been here in a while, but it looks different. This looks good, lots of new features.
As much as I appreciate progress, I'll admit to being a little lost here at first, but hope to learn my way around quickly.
Thanks /;^)

WL2K over BBHN

I routinely use Winlink over Broadband-Hamnet ( ) when sending email through the system.

On my personal workstation, I use Eudora as my email client (with emails dating back to 1994, I like to keep all my email in one place).
Also on the same PC, I have Paclink installed.


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