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K9EW (2014-09-13) - New PC

I just installed Windows 7 onto my little EeePC Netbook, and am using it for the gateway controller. Lots of updates, so on and off for short periods of time. Should settle down soon. 73 - ed, k9ew

YM9KK KARS TURKEY 144.800 MHz RMS Packet Node

YM9KK RMS Packet Node is now ready to use. The node was setup an IBM X-225 e-server operated MS Xp with AGW Packet Engine. IT is possible to conect from 400-500 Km away using APRS digipeaters. I think, this system will assist most of the EMCOMM. YM9KK Call is belogns to Turkish Radio Amateur Club Kars Dıvision and Sysop is TA9J IsmailCakmak.

Many thanks to Winlink Team

de TA9J


K9LAE is back up on 7080 Khz after a Windows 7 Update.


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