Paclink is a streamlined radio e-mail client with a built-in POP/SMTP server that allows you to use most popular e-mail client programs, like Microsoft Live Mail, Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird. It is a single- or multi-user client. It is exceptionally easy to install and use. Paclink supports telnet (for amateur radio High Speed Multimedia [HSMM], D-Star DD mode, or internet), VHF/UHF packet radio, and HF Pactor radio connections to WL2K servers and the user interface is through any common e-mail client program.

Currently, Paclink does not support the WINMOR sound card mode.

Paclink is intended for use with the Winlink 2000 system and uses the B2F message transfer protocol that supports attachments, multiple addresses and tactical addresses.

System Requirements: 32 bit Windows OS (Windows XP and later). Windows XP systems require Microsoft .NET v3.5 runtime installed.


Paclink (current production version)

Winlink Linkomatic