Winlink FAQ - July 20, 2020 - Revised (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Winlink FAQ is updated regularly by Don Felgenhauer, K7BFL.
Revised July 20, 2020

Mixture of an Instruction Manual, Fact Book, Help desk, material from various Winlink User Groups, and others.

Don distills information and answers to questions discussed on the Winlink email reflectors by users, developers and sysops. This 100+ page document is well written and organized for easy consumption. It covers:

  • General Questions about Winlink
  • User software setup and use with specific information on Winlink Express, Airmail, and Paclink
  • Setup and use of RMS Packet, RMS Relay and other Sysop software
  • Questions and answers about the various protocols.

It comes in a handy .PDF document. Suggest having available for easy reference.
[use the “Find” feature of Adobe Acrobat to locate needed information]

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