Quick Start Links for Mariners (and everyone)

Tips, Reliable References, Sources and Required Reading

Quick Start:

  1. Get your General Class amateur radio license: http://www.arrl.org/getting-licensed
    Operating with a ship's, marine or general radiotelephone license is illegal on the Winlink network as it operates on the amateur radio bands, NOT the marine bands.
  2. Download Winlink Express: http://www.winlink.org/RMSExpress
  3. Read the program help files, configure it.
  4. See: http://www.winlink.org/user Create your account. Use 'Telnet' sessions to practice and experiment until you can set up a solid radio installation and go on-air.

Installation Basics:

Equipment Sources:

Download this document below. It's filled with links to tips, reliable references, and equipment sources. It's especially useful for the new marine mobile ham, but anyone new to Winlink will find it helpful.

Tip: If you use Microsoft Word to open the .odt (open document text format) file, it will say the file is corrupt. It isn't. Just continue and ask Word to recover the file contents. It's all there. Thank you, Microsoft!

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