W5KAM-10 Packet Station

Hello my name is Ken, and I'm the Sysop for W5KAM-10 Packet station located in Hockley, Texas. I have been running this station for about 6 years now and really have a great time doing this. This station runs 24/7 and can be found at 145.030.

My station is a Icom IC-V8000 that runs about 40 watts, TNC is a Kantronics 3 plus, and is co hosted on the same computer that I run my Army MARS Trimode station on. . This equipment has been running 24/7 since I install the Packet RMS station without any major problems.

During the past 22 month have has set up and started a Army MARS P-4 Pactor/Winmore Trimode WL2K/Radio Only mode Relay Station. It has been very rewarding to see traffic passed from one MARS Trimode Relay station to another without any human intervention. It's like magic watching the software pick its frequency, set the radio to that frequency, LDG--200 tuners tunes within 1 second and the stations is calling to move traffic. I'm in the process of moving both stations to their new home and out of my bedroom where they have been running for some time. I think the TEST PERIOD and BUG fixing is over. Both station work without any problems 24/7 setting next to each other.

I have install software on their computers so that I can control both station remotely. That is nice when I'm at the deer lease or camping. All I need to do is log into them and a quick look lets me know that "all is well". So if you are in the area give them a call and please pass your traffic on my stations. I would like to THANK the WLDT for a great piece of software and giving me a chance to provide a service to my community and my state.

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