W5KAM-10 Packet 145.030

Hello my name is Ken, and I'm the Sysop for W5KAM-10 Packet station located in Hockley, Texas. I have been running this station for about 8-9 years now and really have a great time doing this. This station runs 24/7 and can be found at 145.030.

My station is a Icom IC-V8000 that runs about 40 watts, TNC is a Kantronics 3 plus, with the antenna system up about 35 feet. I'm in the progress of moving my station to a new location that will share the same computer the runs W5KAM Trimode HF Station, and an ALE (Automatic Link Equipment) station.

I'm setting up the RMS Packet software on the new computer system so the transfer from it's old location to it's new one should go smoothly. If you have any issues using it, please drop me a message at [email protected].

Thanks & 73,
Ken Miller/W5KAM

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