W4SKB On-Air with RMS Trimode 7104.3 khz

Several years ago, I had W4SKB up and running a Winmor station, but health reasons caused me to terminate the operation.

Just recently, I was reading about VARA and Ardop and was intrigued. Downloaded the software and started experimenting.

I currently have W4SKB RMS Trimode with Winmor, Ardop, and VARA HF operating on 7104.3 khz. The HF radio is a Datron/Transworld TW7000 commercial radio capable of 125 watts PEP into a Cobra Ultra-Lite Junior antenna. There is a UPS system capable of running the system for well over 12 hours, giving me enough time to set up the generator and get it operational.

I am interested in obtaining some propagation reports if you can take the time to attempt to access the system.

I have a little more cleaning up of the installation, but today the system is running 24/7/365.

Give it a try.


Steve, W4SKB

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