VE1HRM Information

The EMO/Amateur Radio trailer is a flat bed style trailer with a registered weight of 1500 kg (3300 lbs ) and a tongue weight of approximately 149.7 kg (330 lbs). The trailer is 4.26 m (14') long and is 2.6 m (8 1/2') wide.
There is a 2” ball type coupler installed. A two inch square tow bar is included with a 2” inch ball.
There are 8 cabinets of different sizes installed on the bed as shown in the following diagram.
The 10.7 m (35')  retractable mast is capable of simultaneously supporting a number of VHF and UHF antennas, or a single HF antenna with a rotor if needed. When fully retracted, the mast rests in a pinned yolk near the back of the trailer and a pinned hinge point at the forward end of the trailer deck. When in the vertical position, the mast is held in place at the bottom by its pinned hinge point, and about 1.5 m (5 ') above the base another pinned yolk There are also anchor points at various levels for attaching dipole antennas or guy ropes if needed.
The trailer is presently equipped with three repeaters, two UHF for EMO and Amateur frequencies, and one VHF for Amateur frequencies.
There is also a VHF transceiver for 2 meter operation. 
A KPC 3 Pus Terminal Node Controller (TNC) with a laptop computer is installed for Packet, Paclink or for providing an RMS server if needed.
A tiny trak 3 is wired to a GPS for tracking on the APRS system.
Power for all electronics may be supplied externally, or can be totally self contained either by using the installed 3000 watt gas generator, or by a bank of 2 12 volt batteries.
 Sysop is VE1EDA David Musgrave

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