TG9SRP-10 back on the air

With the support of colleagues TG9EWR Ender and TG9ADQ Mario, the EMCOR of the TG area visited the facilities of the COEM Municipal Emergency Operations Center to put the TG9SRP-10 gateway back into operation, which was out of service when the RF equipment out of operation.

The respective technical revisions were made by the technician TG9EWR Ender to put the RF equipment back into operation and the colleague TG9ADQ Mario supported remotely with the equipment tests.

Once again, the COEM Municipal Emergency Operations Center has a Winlink Gateway in perfect working order, grateful to COPEM - AVE for trusting redundant backup technologies based on radio frequency that are useful in emergency situations.

TG9SRP-10 Winlink Gateway on COEM
Winlink Linkomatic