Seattle - W7ACS adds more VARA FM Winlink Gateways

W7ACS, the Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service, has deployed 5 Winlink RMS Gateways supporting VARA FM WIDE.

VARA FM WIDE provides up to a 20X improvement in speed over 1200bps Packet. VARA FM is rate-adaptive, meaning that it adjusts to the strength of the signal, maximizing message passing speed even with weaker signals. The top end 25,200bps VARA FM WIDE modem rate is regularly achieved without heroic efforts or unusual conditions. The auto-tune capability of VARA FM makes audio level settings very easy, even without test instruments.

Each Winlink RMS Gateway consists of a small mini PC running windows 10. Most nodes are using Motorola CDM750 radios with the Repeater Builder RIM-MAXTRAC USB Audio Interface, a plug-and-play combination that requires no hardware modification to radios for the highest VARA FM WIDE speed.

145.790 Mhz - Queen Anne, Seattle W7ACS-10
430.875 MHz - Magnolia, Seattle W7ACS-10
431.000 MHz - Northwest, Seattle W7ACS-10
439.950 MHz - Capitol Hill, Seattle W7ACS-10
440.900 MHz - South Seattle College, Seattle W7ACS-10

1200bps AX.25 PACKET
430.900 MHz - South Seattle College, Seattle W7ACS-10
440.850 MHz - Downtown, Seattle W7ACS-10

More information about the Seattle ACS winlink RMS Gateways and Repeater Systems are at the following link.

Those interested in adding VARA FM high speed capability may find the following documentation from Seattle area hams helpful.

VARA Primer by AE7G George.

Winlink Card Modes Slide Deck by Scott NS7C

Winlink Linkomatic