RFI With Samsung Gas Oven

AJ4FW will be off of 40 meters until an issue with a Samsung Gas Rage is repaired.
I have not Contacted Samsung yet, Still Troubleshooting.
I originally thought I had RF in the Shack. The more I thought about it, and after 3 years of no problems, the more troubleshooting I did, I came to the conclusion "it's the Oven". The original incidence occurred from my Winlink Gateway station and on 40 meters. That Radio is an IC-7100 on a zero-5 43 foot vertical. over a hundred feet away. I then shut that transmitter down and fired up my FT-857D Client station on an End Fed Half Wave, Same result with the Gas Oven control panel going crazy. I did put three clamp on chokes on the wiring on the control board, but to no avail, no help. I have a large toroid that I ordered to put on the line cord, so we will see. Any thoughts from Y'all Bring it on Please. I have a few of my own RFI Weird issues from My Boeing career. RFI and Grounds are special.

As a side note we also own a Samsung Fridge, and the Ice Maker sounds like a Mac truck when making Ice.

Rick AJ4FW

Station back to normal for some more testing after adding Shielding.

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