NNI4NC problems 2020/09/25

I was recently advised that the station is having an excess number of outages. Because I don't physically monitor the station 24/7, often the first time I am aware that something has gone wrong is when I get the email telling me that the station didn't report status for more than 4 hours. That also goes to other people who then ping on me. I don't like that. So what to do?

Firstly, I changed out the computer to a NUC style.
Second, wrote some python code to periodically ping the RMS to let me know it is responding. Next will hopefully add the ability to send me an SMS message that my station is not responding. Found a pretty cheap SMS service at https://textbelt.com
Have added an auxilliary battery backup to the computer. I had thought that because the entire station, including the RMS is on Generator backup power, it would not be necessary for the RMS computer to be on UPS, but perhaps the switchover from regular to generator power clitches the computer. We'll see if reliability improves. thanks for the new station reliability report on Winlink.org.

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