KG4DVE VHF Gateway work underway

Hello everyone, my name is Chris Straiton and my call is N4TNA and I am the sysop for the soon to be installed KG4DVE VHF Winlink Gateway. I am the President of the River Cities Amateur Radio Association and Trustee of the club callsign KG4DVE. I am also the Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Greenup County ARES.

The KG4DVE VHF Winlink Gateway will serve the Ashland, KY and surrounding area and will be available 24/7/365 for public use as well as available for use by Boyd County ARES and Greenup County ARES. It will be located at our club repeater site on Tarpin Ridge which is the highest hill in Boyd County Kentucky. The antenna will be mounted half way up the 120 foot tower at about 60ft above ground level and should provide good coverage to the area. The radio dedicated for this project is an Alinco DR135MKIII and the TNC is a Kantronics KPC3+ USB, both of which have been delivered and mounted to a rack shelf ready for installation. I will be building the PC and installing the software the middle of next week. We plan to have it up and running by ARRL Field Day June 22nd 2019. Frequency of operation is yet to be determined since there is an analog repeater at 146.940, a DMR repeater at 145.410, and an APRS Digipeater on 144.390 at the repeater site. We will experiment once installed for a frequency that plays nice with the other equipment and give an update when finalized. Photos will be uploaded in the next Blog entry once the install is underway.

Stay tuned for coming updates
73 de N4TNA
Chris Straiton

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