KC7RWC-10 Umatilla County ARES

KC7RWC-10 is the Umatilla County ARES Winlink Packet RMS.
KC7RWC-10 operates at the Umatilla County Sheriff's Office EOC in Pendleton, Oregon.
KC7RWC-10 supports Umatilla County Emergency Management and Morrow County Emergency Management.
Connections to KC7RWC-10 may be made via the ARES Black Mountain repeater: 145.230- MHz, PL Tone = 67.0 Hz.
The 145.230 repeater is dedicated to Packet Winlink message traffic for the Umatilla County and Morrow County EOCs.
The Sysop for KC7RWC-10 is Alan Polan, KE4TRR, Umatilla County ARES EC.

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