KC4TVO RMS Hybrid Trimode Gateway

Welcome to a Winlink Gateway located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Station is located about 60 miles North of Asheville, NC. Equipment is Kenwood TS-480HX scanning 3 bands with output of about 150 watts, LDG AT200 Pro auto tuner, Windows 7 computer, Pactor 3 modem, UPS, 40 amp. DC power supply feeding a Power-Gate and Power Guard to protect back-up/bridging battery. An auto-start/transfer propane whole house generator rounds out the installation. Antenna is 80 meter loop up about 25-30 feet. Entire system, including power can be managed remotely via the Internet and a Web Power Switch. Presently System is operating as a Hybrid gateway, so, although requiring manual transfer, Internet loss does not stop traffic from moving. Station is monitored throughout most days. Pactor 1, 2, & 3 is available. Please feel free to list me as one of your MPS stations in RMS Express.

I have an Extra ticket being first licensed 1983 in Panama as HP1XRQ while working for the Panama Canal Company and US Army.

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