KB6YNO computer system upgrade

Good day,

I've finally upgraded the computer that is part of my Winlink 2000 station. I bought it from Amazon as a refurbished mini-tower with Win 10 for less than $150 US shipped to my house. I'm now running:

Dell Optiplex 755 mini-tower
Intel Core Duo 2 CPU (E8400) @ 3.00 GHz x 2
Windows 10 Home 64-bit version
Dedicated SIIG dual serial port PCI card, so I don't have to use USB-to-serial converters

So far so good! Since I started running a Winlink station (Winlink Classic/WL2K), I've run the following computers:

AST 486DX4/100MHz w/64MB RAM and Windows 3.1 & 95 (Winlink Classic Station)
Compaq 5072 Pentium II/300MHz w/256MB RAM and Windows 98/XP (WL2K)
Hewlett Packard Pavilion 7955 Pentium IV/1.5GHz w/756MB RAM and Windows XP Home (WL2K)

How technology has progressed since 1998!

73 de Eric, KB6YNO

Dell Optiplex 755 mini-tower
Winlink Linkomatic