KA3BQE VHF RMS gateway up and running

Tested out the RMS gateway with N9DOR using my base station's 17' vertical antenna at 25' AGL temporarily. Had no problems at 50W.

Had a break in the rain so I had time to run 12' of LMR400 coax into the house and get the polyphaser hooked up to the house ground. I was lucky I could use the existing hole for my TV coax and Starlink ethernet cable and did not have to drill another hole. Then I rolled out 50' of LMR400 coax to the tower. There I erected a slim jim copper pipe antenna on a tripod. It doesn't have the reach, so I ordered another Diamond 17' vertical that I'll mount to the tower hopefully this weekend. It'll probably only be about 12' AGL for now as Winter has set in.

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