K6OLI-12 using UZ7HO QPSK AX.25 2400 on Packet

K6OLI-12 has been switched to UZ7HO QPSK AX.25 2400 on Packet.

145.030 MHz is predominantly VARA FM in SoCal. However, some stations are still using Packet. In order to improve the throughput of Packet stations we have switched K6OLI-12 to QPSK AX.25 2400.
We encourage stations to use that mode, if they are UZ7HO enabled,, and do not have VARA FM available.

It is an easy 3 step process
1 - Change UZ7HO to QPSK AX.25 2400 (not DW QPSK).
2 - In the Winlink Packet Session open Settings, switch to 9600. Click Update.
3 - Set your radio to the appropriate frequency and connect to K6OLI-12 and enjoy the higher speeds.

Remember to switch everything back when you want to use AFSK AX.25 1200 Packet with other gateways, as AFSK and QPSK are NOT cross compatible.

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