IS0GRB Winlink server on QO-100 Geostationary SAT 26°Est Dial 10489.635 MHz USB

Good morning, taking as reference a future trip of my friend IS0EZZ solitary navigator, i activated in test the IS0GRB winlink server on Es'Hail-2 (QO-100) Geostationary SAT on 26° Est, Dial RX frequency 10489.635 MHz USB (uplink Dial TX frequency 2400.135 MHz USB)

It would be interesting to be able to carry out tests for sending and receiving emails, useful for those traveling by mobile, in caravan or in navigation where internet is not accessible.

At the moment only the VARA SAT modem is supported. With registration key there also available high-speed file transfers

last version of VARA SAT modem:

The system is managed by GPS-DO, both in reception and in transmission

The server is also listed on the winlink site, but since it is not possible to enter the frequency in full MHz i had to insert it in Khz; i entered the QO-100 references in the description
Reports and opinions are welcome

Dial RX Downlink 10489.635 MHz USB / Dial TX Uplink 2400.135 MHz USB
In RX you can use 40 ,60, 80cm Dish antenna + Universal LNB sending 13V power supply (vertical polarization) + SDR interface R820T2 + SDR-Console program + Virtual CAB audio driver (, to send received audio from the SDR to the Virtual Cable Recording interface for Winlink Express program (

In RX you can use also my QO-100 websdr + Virtual Cab driver (

In TX you can use 432 MHz to 2400 MHz converter / transverter, example Transverter from SG-Labs 2W power + Dish feed RHCP short Helix antenna with 3-4 coils or Wi-Fi patch 7-8dB horizontal polarization and 60, 80, 100 cm Dish antenna or only long Helix antenna with 30-40 coils without dish. If you are in car, caravan or boat i can suggest to use a simple 40cm parabolic Dish in RX that have a wider reception lobe and avoid some problems during movement and a long Helix or 60, 80cm parabolic Dish in TX.

You can use a simple SAT 2 way splitter to send 13V to LNB from a power supply and at the same time to extract RX signal converted from LNB for SDR interface in 739MHz (739.550 - 739.800 NB SAT transponder). To setup the antenna to the maximum signal please refer to the 10706 MHz beacon (GPS locked) of the Geo SAT to 26 Est which is converted in 956 MHz received with SDR interface.
For info visit AMSAT-DL Forum and IS0GRB WebSDR (

Roberto IS0GRB

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