Hybrid Net Autoforwarding Coming to US Sysops

Worldwide, the Hybrid system has had much success, both off and on the ham bands. The only place in the entire world that we had restricted the radio-only process without human intervention was in the United States even though it is legal here via Part 97.221. We restricted radio-only with expectations of there being more digital space in the US than was currently available. After many years, and without further effort on anyone’s part to provide such expanded spectrum within the US bands, and with new threats to the Internet, we have made a decision to open up our Hybrid system where legally allowed. Thus, in the near-term, it will not be necessary to integrate our system with other programs in order to accomplish automatic forwarding.

Many opportunities for the US Amateur are already incorporated within the Winlink system as it continues to integrate with local Packet networks, local MESH systems, local LANS, and other wireless communication messaging formats. These expanded opportunities are valuable to EmComm, and to expanding the radio art. We look forward to seeing other new and exciting developments occur as a result of this expansion for the US Amateur.

You can find information about the Winlink Hybrid Network here. There is also information on how to configure Winlink-developed programs for the Hybrid Network by going to W4PHS on QRZ.com http://qrz.com. Configuring RMS Express for radio-only is contained within the RMS Express HELP. Configuration settings are also within the RMS Relay HELP.

The next update of RMS Relay will open up the Winlink Hybrid radio-email network system for US Amateur radio as it is everywhere else, worldwide.

Your Winlink Development Team

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