Gateway at Great Mills, Maryland

Welcome to my page.
I'm Ray kb3fww, I operate a gateway in the southern part of St. Mary's County, Maryland.
I'm also the EC and RACES Officer for the County.

The station is made up of a Kenwood TM-V71A, Kantronics KPC-3 Plus, Diamond Dual Band antenna @ 25 feet and a Dell Desktop PC.
The QTH is approximately 120 feet above sea level.
I want to reconfigure the station in the near future using a FT-1500 and Raspberry Pi, TNC-Pi running Winlink Linux gateway software.

SMCARA (St. Mary's County Amateur Radio Association) is the local club and sponsors ARES and RACES.
The club radio station (K3NHK) is located in the Naval Air Station Museum and consists of HF Radio equipment and a VHF/UHF radio equipment.
The Club repeater (K3HKI) is 146.640, pl 146.2, neg. offset and locate south of Lexington Park, Maryland.

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