EA8URF on air

EA8URF is a new and small group of radio friends located in Fuerteventura island.
We have on air some dedicated equipmen for radio e-mail
The equipment:
1 Kenwood TS-50S scanning 14.100.9 - 7.049.9 - 21.118.0
1 Pactor modem SCS PTC-IIusb
1 Horizontal Dipole antenna in a 6m tall mast.
1 HP pavilion computer with W7
1 Kenwood TM-733E for VaraFM or Packet (now offline)
For now we are operating in PactorIII, Vara, Ardop and Winmor.
Our node was on air at 2019-10-01 14:17:13 with trimode versión:
Our first contact was with the station 9L1YXJ at 2019-10-02 in Pactor mode.
We are enjoy to participate in the network.
Our mail in urfuer.org at gmail dot com

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