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KG7AV Equipment Move - Temp Outages - Updated

KG7AV and KG7AV-10 have been running from a temporary setup following water damage that occurred to the shack some six weeks ago. Pleased to report that the construction crew has finished work on the shack, and equipment will be transitioning this week. Expect temporary outages for KG7AV-10 (packet) and KG7AV (winmor) gateways.

Updated - Everything moved and back on air as of 04Nov2014 0336 UTC.

KG7AV New Gateway Central OR

KG7AV Bend, Oregon CN94ic
KG7AV-10 2m RMS Packet Gateway 145.03 Mhz
KG7AV RMS HF Gateway center freqs:
Winmor 500 - 7.0820, 14.0935 Mhz

BPQ32 system routing via local RMS Relay host. In the event of loss of internet connectivity to CMS, messages will route into a BPQ32 queue for forwarding via HF Winmor to one of several West Coast RMS gatetways.


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