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KG7AV Back in Operation

KG7AV gateway is back on the air at the new homestead. New QTH is 5 mi S of old QTH. See QRZ for services and frequencies, or use the resources under the Tools menu on Winlink site. Thanks to my users for their patience during the move.

KG7AV Relocation - Service Interruption

KG7AV is relocating about 5m south of the current QTH. Accordingly, the gateway will be down temporarily for approximately two weeks. Please watch the KG7AV blog for notification as to when services are restored. 73 ES TU DE RAY KG7AV

KG7AV - New Antenna, New Bandplan

Replaced the LNR EF, a very fine and reliable antenna, with a HyEnd 5 band EF out of the Netherlands. Very impressed so far. Node is back online with no further outages planned. New band plan follows (all freqs are center)
80m 3.5865 Winmor 1600
40m 7.0820 Winmor 500
20m 14.0935 Winmor 500
15m 21.0985 Winmor 1600
10m 28.1765 Winmor 1600


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