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AI7HH HF Gateway Changes

Removed 80m band from scanned frequencies. Widened Vara passbands to 2750 Hz and added support for Ardop on 40m and 20m frequencies.

AI7HH-10 Frequency Change

The AI7HH-10 packet/VaraFM gateway frequency was changed to 441.300 MHz to match the frequency used by K7ARC-10, which is located in central Phoenix. Both K7ARC-10 and AI7HH-10 are set up to enable digipeater functionality for VaraFM. Therefore, licensed Vara users may use either station to reach the other, or for P2P connections. Use digipeater IDs K7ARC and AI7HH, respectively.

AI7HH/AI7HH-10 Back On-Line


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